Istrian bjelica

This is a late maturing indigenous variety whose oil is known for a high level of polyphenols, which is up to several times higher than in other varieties. This is why it is exceptionally healthy and rich in antioxidants, which have beneficial effects on human health, as well as on oil itself, preserving it from going bad for a long time. Istarska bjelica is indeed a "strong" oil, with very pronounced olive fruitiness and accentuated bitterness. Its taste is very recognizable resembling green tomatoes, conifer, green leaves and grass.

  • Region: Istria
  • Growing site: Barbariga
  • Altitude (MASL): 5 - 10 m
  • Production site: Vodnjan Oil Mill
  • Type: monovarietal
  • Varieties: Istrian bjelica
  • Harvest time: 25. 10.  – 5. 11.
  • Processing time: several hours after harvest
  • Processing method: two-phase continuous cycle
  • Processing temperature: 24 - 25 ºC
  • Colour: clear yellowish green
  • Food pairing: It pairs well with dishes of pronounced flavours – wild game, grilled meat, mature cheeses, prosciutto and desserts, especially ice cream.
Salvela - Istarska bjelica