The oil obtained from the "queen" of indigenous Istrian varieties – buza female. Since ancient times there has been a saying that this is a "gentleman's" oil. Its refined aromas are dominated by green almonds and artichokes with additional grassy aromas and those of tomatoes and aromatic herbs. It is a well-balanced oil, with moderate bitterness of green almond and radicchio and green pepper pungency, and a very fresh, mild green colour.

  • Region: Istria
  • Growing site: Barbariga
  • Altitude (MASL): 5 - 10 m
  • Production site: Vodnjan Oil Mill
  • Type: monovarietal
  • Varieties: buza female
  • Harvest time: 15. 10. – 20. 10.
  • Processing time: several hours after harvest
  • Processing method: two-phase continuous cycle
  • Processing temperature: 24 - 25 ºC
  • Colour: golden green
  • Food pairing: It pairs excellently with a wide variety of dishes, especially with young cheese, ricotta cheese, cold starters and all types of salads.
Salvela - Buža