Salvela olive grove

It is situated in a unique location of Cape Barbariga, opposite the Brijuni Islands, on a total of 30 hectares of land. The ideal position of the olive grove on the west coast of southern Istria, on a peninsula surrounded by the sea on three sides, allows for the vegetation period to last up to three weeks longer than in the wider surrounding area.

Due to its mild microclimate, there is surely no locality in Istria, or the wider area, which is perfectly naturally protected from cold winds and it is right next to the sea. In addition to the constant flow of air, our terroir is spared from extreme summer heats, and mild winters contribute to this oil’s extraordinary quality. There are altogether 7,200 olive trees, some of which are several hundred years old.

The terrain is a gentle slope to the southwest just a few meters above sea level, and the soil is typically karst, where under a thin layer of earth there are a lot of  skeletons, shale combined with red Istrian soil.

The position of the olive grove, the varieties planted and the soil composition contribute to Salvela extra virgin olive oils having distinct aromas, specific freshness, pronounced bitterness and pungency as well as plenty of polyphenols, natural antioxidants.

The harvesting process is carried out with utmost care to avoid damaging the fruits. Knowing how to choose the right moment to begin the harvest is what makes Salvela oils abound with the best variety characteristics. Depending on the year, the harvesting begins at the beginning of October, and the last fruits are picked during November, depending on the ideal stage of maturity of a particular variety.

Salvela - Maslinik


Buža - Indigenous variety, the "queen" of olives of southern Istria, whose oil is widely known and sought for and significantly contributes to the distinctiveness of Istrian olive oils.
Istarska bjelica - Istrian late maturing variety, with pronounced freshness and bitterness due to a high level of polyphenols.
Leccino - Early maturing variety, spread in various growing areas. The Istrian climate gives its oil a refined flavour.
Leccione - It has perfectly adapted to the Istrian conditions.
Pendolino - It is a variety of rich flowering and abundant yield, a good pollinator of other varieties.
Rosignola - Sub-variety of rosulja grown on the western coast of Istria, with small fruits, pronounced pungency and freshness.
Picholine - Originally French late maturing variety, of pronounced fruitiness, bitterness and pungency.
Puntoža - Large indigenous variety, of a harmonious and sophisticated oil.