Olive mill Vodnjan

Our oil mill, which has been processing olives continuously since 1911, is the oldest olive oil mill in the Istrian peninsula.

Today, in this modernly equipped plant we use state-of-the-art technology under the supervision of our experts, so that the cold processing process would provide maximum preservation of aromas and other valuable oil ingredients. Due to constant investment in our employees' know-how and following modern trends in production, the Vodnjan plant produces the most prized oils, rich in aromatic essences and biologically valuable substances.

Salvela oils are made from fruits produced in our own olive groves, processed in a very short period of time after harvest, with a temperature not exceeding 25°C. Processing is carried out as a two-phase continuous system, while maximally preserving characteristic aromas and accentuating green colours and freshness. In the short time after the processing, they are filtered, and then kept under nitrogen atmosphere in stainless steel containers at temperatures of 16°C. This is why they do not lose their best features even during a longer preservation time.

Salvela - Uljara Vodnjan