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The award-winning extra virgin olive oils Salvela can be purchased in the premises of our new Medea Winery tasting room in Vodnjan, near Vodnjan Oil Mill. In a modernly designed tasting room, we have combined tradition with a contemporary ambience, in order to convey the passion of our products to those who want to learn more as well as to encourage them to participate in our olive-growing story. The tasting room is a place of encountering and falling in love with the finest oils and wines that live again with every new arrival, departure and return. When choosing a Salvela extra virgin olive oil, the tasting room staff will provide you with expert recommendation and gladly let you know which oil perfectly suits you.

Shop and tasting room

Medea Winery
Željeznička 15, 52215, Vodnjan
T: +385 52 512 020
E: info@medea.hr
W: www.medea.hr


Olive mill Vodnjan
Trgovačka ul. 135, 52215, Vodnjan
T: +385 52 511 516
E: info@salvela.hr
W: www.salvela.hr